GATRSkn Care & Use


Regular cleaning can be accomplished by simply washing the mats with mild soap and water and a medium to stiff bristled brush. Boat washing soap or other mild detergent, water and a hose works well. Although GATRSkn is stain resistant, certain things, such as food, wine, fish blood or grease may stain the mats if they are left in contact for an extended period of time. It is always best to clean or rinse away any spills as soon as possible. Work the cleaner into the stain with a stiff bristle brush, brushing with the grain texture, and rinse with a hose to finish.


• Simple Green® • Soft Scrub® • Fantastic® • Formula 409®


GATRSkn is very resistant to most weather conditions and is designed to be in the elements while being used. It is however best to keep your boat, kayak or other vehicle covered or stored indoors while not being used to extend the life of your mats. GATRSkn should be treated and cared for the same way you care for vinyl marine seats, carpet or other floor coverings. Excessive continuous exposure to sunlight and water will decrease the life of your mats.


Choosing lighter colors and adding mitigation pads to vertical surfaces can reduce the occurrence of light amplification, however, damage will not be covered under our standard warranty if your pads experience sunburning. While GATRSkn products are very durable, minimizing exposure to the elements will extend the lifespan of the pads, as well as minimize the fading of color. For this reason, it is recommended that boats be kept covered or indoors when not in use.


• Sharp objects such as knives or tools dragged across the surface

• Pressure washing due to the risk of shredding, or cutting the mats.

• Extended contact with petroleum-based products. This can cause a stain that may not be able to be removed.


Much like a magnifying glass, certain things on a boat can cause focused light which can cause blushing or burning of the surface on your GATRSkn. This is a very rare occurrence while actually using the boat, but if you leave your boat on a dock, lift or trailer. and the sun is at the correct angle this can occur. The best way is to avoid this is to cover the boat when you are not using it. If this happens to your mats they are not ruined. The damage usually looks like a wet spot (a little darker) and over time this will blend or weather back into the rest of the mat area and become less noticeable. Replacement pieces can be purchased through GATR by contacting us with the information below: