Light + Heat Refracting

FRL, or focused refracted light, will be your biggest enemy with any EVA foam blend. Much like passing a beam of light through a magnifying glass, sometimes the sun's beams can be focused in on your flooring. This is very rarely an issue when on the water, as the boat is always moving with the motion of the water. When sitting still on a trailer, lift, dock, etc, this allows the light to focus on one area for extended periods of time, essentially "cooking" the foam. When temperatures reach +/- 165*F or above, the material will damage. 

What to look for?

Any shiny surfaces, such as chrome, glass, or gel coated fiberglass, will struggle with this more than painted aluminum surfaces. Curves, particularly "inside" curves, will have more surface area focusing on a small area - and burn easier. This does not take hours to occur and can happen in minutes when conditions are right. 

Mitigation Techniques

Covering your boat when trailering or docking is always best. Also, consider placing bean bags, towels, or anything else, in problem areas. We can also add custom pads to absorb and distribute the heat in those areas. Also, choosing lighter color materials will help keep surface temperatures down. 

What happens if your decking burns?

If this does occur, your decking is not ruined. In most cases, the light blushing will wear evenly with the rest of the floor as it is used. In severe cases, you may have to replace the piece if desired. "Sunburning" is not covered by our standard warranty.